Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package Playstation 4 Reviews

After the release of remastered versions of Dead Rising 1 and 2 , Frank West is back on Playstation 4 in Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package , the adaptation of the game released a year ago on Xbox One and PC accompanied by all his DLCs ​​for hours of gore and zombie delirium.

SYNOPSIS : Sixteen years after the events of the first Dead Rising , Frank West is forced to return to this good old town of Willammette at Christmas time as a new zombie invasion has erupted just before the inauguration of a new big center on the occasion of Black Friday. While he had chosen not to play the reporters, he will be responsible for investigating a secret military organization whose experiments would be the source of this new epidemic.

We suspected, if Capcom had finally worn the very first Dead Rising on Playstation 4 last year, it was to prepare the ground for an exit of the new game Dead Rising 4 . A full year after its exclusive release on Xbox One and PC , the game arrives on the latest Sony home console December 5, 2017 in a new version very advantageous since it renamed Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Pakage will include everything content available in the season pass in terms of additional missions with Frank’s Advent, additional games with new weapons and bonus costumes but also a new game mode Capcom Heroes that will relive the same adventure with a new way of playing. It’s enough to take care of whole hours in hemoglobin and good mood.

More than a sequel to a saga that Frank West was no longer the hero of the second and third episode, Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package looks more like a soft reboot. If the plot goes well sixteen years later, the fact of being stuck again in a mall at Christmas time gives us a sense of déjà vu. In fact Capcom seems to have chosen to tap into what has been best in the previous three episodes to offer us the most successful part of the franchise. The first good news is that like Dead Rising 3 , there is no more limited time to explore this time Willamette. How from there do not want to go shopping in all the shops of this huge shopping center! This will be necessary anyway if you want to be sure to collect all the clothes and accessories to increase Frank’s wardrobe but also to find new weapons and crafting plans to build an even more destructive and delusional arsenal. On top of that, Dead Rising 4 is not just about the shopping mall as the only backdrop, but will also allow us to explore Willamette and its surroundings as a real open-world game worthy of the name.

dead rising 4 frank's big package review

dead rising 4 frank’s big package review

After a prologue unfolding a few months earlier that allows us to get to know a former student journalist Frank with whom she would like to investigate this new dark case, this time it is crashing by helicopter in the middle of the mall that really begins Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package. It’s with the feeling of ending up in the adaptation of the cult film Zombie by George A. Romerothat we will advance in this story making the knowledge of new types of zombies much more ferocious than before because freshly infected or genetically modified in the laboratory but as in all good survival, it will also be necessary to be wary of the last survivors well cracked which does not will not hesitate to open fire at our approach. Once out of the mall after a few hours of play, it will be better to find a vehicle to walk in town because the living dead are very numerous to occupy the entire city.

Wanting to clean up this horde will offer us a particularly gory spectacle where hemoglobin flows freely and covers everything. To defend himself, Frankhas three types of weapons including a stab weapon arsenal ranging from the American fist to the chainsaw to the baseball bat, firearms ranging from the simple six shots to the different machine guns and throwing weapons ranging from boxes of nails to pomegranate. All this without mentioning all the formidable arsenal and fun that can be made by combining different objects. It may also be equipped with an exoskeleton to carry heavier weapons. To tell the truth, it is not for his scenario that we will play Dead Rising 4 because this one is not frankly captivating but especially by desire to discover all that the developers could invent as delusions and simply romp.

Forced to let us enjoy this vast open world, the graphics of Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package are not the most beautiful that we can see on Playstation 4. They give the impression that this is only a very big facelift of the first game. If the game does not suffer from aliasing, we can sometimes see problems with collisions in some object. On the other hand even in the middle of hundreds of zombies, the game does not suffer from any slowdown. The assembly of the sets gives rise to a rich and varied universe which gives rarely the impression of déjà vu. The soundscape is very successful with many Christmas songs in arrangements crooner ways often very fun. In terms of playability there are ups and downs. If the controls are easy to take in hand we regret sometimes having trouble to catch the objects you want when there are several side by side.

dead rising 4 frank's big package release date

dead rising 4 frank’s big package release date

Lifetime issue, there will be something to do. If we can quickly complete the main missions in about ten hours, you will necessarily spend a lot of time searching every corner of the map in search of objects and clothing. We can also spend hours furrowing the dead living just for fun since the source seems inexhaustible. In any case, it will take time to farm to level up and can unlock at will options on several trees evolution improving health, endurance and combat capabilities. There will be work to get their hands on all the plans to craft weapons and vehicles and to recover the resources needed to manufacture them. In addition to that, it will be necessary to find different objects like newspapers and mobile phones or to take photos to fill sub-quests. But beware all this will have to be done before finishing all the missions because it will be unfortunately more possible to continue to walk inWillamette once the end of the game reached for scripting reasons.

In what is more interesting in this “Big Pack” that accompanies Dead Rising 4 is above all the DLC that extends the story where the stopwatch is back to leave us only an hour and a half to try to save Frank before the bombing of the city. It will avoid to die to the maximum because the clock continues to scroll but it will not be easy because the various bonuses to unlock will be through mini games not necessarily obvious. The other interest is the addition of Capcom Heroes modewhich makes its appearance especially for this release. This is to remake the whole game but instead of constantly picking up what to defend it’s here stars that will have to find to win different costumes of cult characters Capcom games with the powers that go with that will allow attacks devastating. The Mini-Golf also makes its comeback with its giant balls and zombies to shoot down while making sure to put the ball in the hole in the allowed number of hit. It is especially in multiplayer that this golf game will be the most interesting by comparing its scores with other players.

It has never been so for its technical aspects that the saga Dead Rising has been successful but especially for its very fun side for a survival horror and Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package does not deviate from this rule. It will not be too fussed about the graphics a bit late but technologically just enjoy the pleasure to défourailler tons of undead in a humorous gore and flood worthy of Braindead of Peter Jackson or Zombie in George A. Romero . Any good horror fans can not miss the Capcom game especially in this ultimate edition that promises hours and hours of play even with this little old school rather pleasant side.