Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Review

Once the developers decided that it would be nice to supplement their major projects with mobile versions. So did Ninja Theory with his Injustice, Warner Bros. with Middle Earth. And now Square Enix has followed the same path. I like this company, because even with mobile games they fit with all responsibility. Yes, not all projects are successful, but the developers are really trying.

In the announcement of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition said that the game will be the mobile version and tell the same story as the “big brother”. As for me, this is an excellent option for those who do not have time to go through the big version, but I want to know about the FF15 events. We already know that the plot of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition repeats the story of the “big version”. You are Prince Noktis, heir to the throne, who sets out on a long journey in search of himself. During your absence, the kingdom is attacked by a technological state, kills the king and seizes power.

Noktis should solve this issue by typing the right ass people. To do this, he needs to collect the weapons of the kings, enlist the support of divine beings and pump his own coolness. Yes, indeed the same as in the “big version”.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition price

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition price

It is interesting that the cut scenes and even the voice acting repeat the “big version” of the game. But there is one difference drawing. Because of the portability of FF15: PE, developers have not been able to put in full-fledged models of characters and the world. If you remember, in 2012 for mobile platforms came Final Fantasy III. Then Square Enix decided to replace the character models with three-dimensional cute little creatures, which looked very interesting.

In FF15: PE, they did the same, but it causes a double impression. On the one hand, this style fits perfectly, and I do not even want to scold him. On the other – we have Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for PSP, where the developers managed to shove well-drawn characters.

It can be attributed to the scale of the game, but FF15: PE lost its open world. The game is divided into chapters, whose actions take place in different locations. The player is sometimes returned back, but there is already nothing to catch. It turns out that the developers had the opportunity to draw Noktisa in all its glory, but did not do it. Why? Smartphone would not pull the face of the prince in all HD, and this solution looks much nicer. The visual style of the mobile FF15 me very “went”. I can even forgive the game for flaws in the form of lack of face animation: the environment, characters and bosses look great.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition review

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition review

The world does not look empty, and the game even encourages the curiosity of the player. On the locations you can search for hiding places, buried treasures and ingredients for recipes. FF15: PE can not give the player a full experience of the “big finalki.” Then it’s the mobile version.

The combat system was simplified, but not at the expense of the gameplay, but for the benefit of management. Game actions are performed “tapas”. Pressed on the ground Noktis ran, pressed the enemy he hit him and so on. This is very convenient, and the onscreen buttons do not cover half the game.

Noktis also knows how to use three types of weapons and, what struck me, it is not useless. The standard sword is used for quick attacks, large to defeat a group of enemies, and the spear the penetration of armor. You can also use “Royal Weapons” and spellcasting spells.

The ability to teleport has not disappeared. The game even has locations where you need to “stealth” and secretly kill enemies. In combat, you can quickly move to enemies, causing them additional damage. You can also fend off blows, in time by pressing the pop-up button. There were also pair combos with the team members.

The training of skills is present, but, again, in a truncated form. You can improve the abilities of Noktis and his friends, increase the attack of certain weapons and so on. The food that Ignis prepares, for a time increases the team’s performance – strength, attack, courage and so on.

Square Enix did not cut the game, and removed elements that do not work well in mobile iterations. I even caught myself thinking that FF15: PE is a teaser for the players. Playing the mobile version was so interesting to me that I wanted more. If everything here is so cool, then what’s waiting for me in FF15 for consoles?

In FF15: PE is definitely worth playing if you are a fan of mobile games. You can only stop the price tag at 535 hryvnia ($ 20) for all 10 chapters. Yes, the “mobile finalka” focuses attention on the plot, and the developers decided to divide it into parts. If you are in doubt, then know that the first chapter is free. Playing a couple of hours, you can understand if it is worth its money.