LG G4 Review: Specs, Price, Release Date

We had the opportunity to test LG G4 , the top of the famous Korean house. The product is characterized by being complete on almost all points of view, there are in fact some features not present in many top of the range 2015 (such as expandable memory and removable battery). Let’s see in detail in our review written after more than a month of use!

Technical characteristics, design and ergonomics

The device presents specifications at the height of the band: it mounts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 (hexa-core, 2 cores working at 1.8 GHz and 4 cores at 1.4 GHz) at 64 bits, a GPU Adreno 418, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory expandable via micro sd, 16 Mpx rear camera , 8 Mpx front camera , a 3000 mAh battery and a 5.5-inch display at 2k resolution (2560 x 1440, ie 534 ppi) . In terms of connectivity it is very complete, in fact it has full support for 4G + networks (able to reach 300 mbps in download and 50 mbps in upload) andLTE , Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac and GPS.

The design is very particular and sought after: the power button and the volume rocker are positioned on the back and are exactly where we would put the index finger during everyday use, the lower and lateral edges are at the minimum ( although they are larger compared to G3) and the display is characterized by a slight curvature (from the radius of about 3000 mm on the vertical axis) and the body is characterized by an accentuated rear camber . All these features make G4 a smartphone with excellent ergonomics(higher than G3) and above all it does not make its 5.5 inches feel much. The front and side design is very clean, thanks above all to the fact that the keys are on the back.

The original choice is to use leather as a material , which makes the device much more elegant and also increases grip. LG G4 leather version is sold in 3 colors (brown, black, red), but in any case by purchasing G4 leather you will also receive a gold plastic back cover . You can also buy the device only with the plastic cover, the colors are 3 (white, dark gray, also called silver, and gold). Very elegant and above all original also the texture of the plastic covers, in fact it makes a brushed or squared effect in the shape of tiles, also does not hold the fingerprints.


The display is one of the highlights of the G4 together with the camera. The IPS LCD panel (protected by a Gorilla Glass 4 glass) has a resolution of 2k ( 2560 × 1440 pixels ) and is built with the Quantum Display technology , which makes the colors more luminous and realistic: in fact, the color rendering is very truthful and brilliant; the whites are very bright and the blacks are very deep , almost like the super-amoled. The viewing angles are excellent and allow you to see the display even at “extreme” angles. The maximum brightness allows you to use the phone under direct sunlight without problems and the light sensor works very well and allows excellent visibility in almost all situations. The only flaw of this display is that, being 2k, it consumes a lot , even with automatic brightness. As can be seen from the screenshots in the battery section, the screen is always the main source of battery use with percentages that are around 50%.


One of the few defects found in the use of LG G4 is the autonomy not at most, especially with the 10a-EUR and 10b-EUR software versions. It was really difficult to exceed the 4 hours of the display on with an average use. On the contrary, with the new 10c-EUR version, the conos have been optimized : as seen in the screenshots, with a medium / intense use in Wi-Fi (with many apps running in the background and synchronization of an active Google account ) we managed to get 4 hours and 30 minutes of displayon: a good result counting that for much of the afternoon the network was absent or very unstable (which, with the active data network, turns into a higher battery consumption) and that at 4 hours and 30 minutes we got there using the 80% of the battery (see screenshots). This shows that to get an acceptable autonomy only a little more optimization was needed . As you can see in fact, it is the screen to consume almost half the battery and not the other applications, a sign that with a less defined screen (a full-hd for example) you could have reached a greater autonomy than many of the top of the range 2015.


LG G4 offers a unique multimedia experience : its 5.5 inches, the slight curvature, the absence of physical front buttons (which in other smartphones could be accidentally pressed), the 2k screen and the thin edges make watching movies and very pleasant gaming. As we have been able to test, even in the heaviest games from a graphic point of view, like real racing 3, there is no drop in framerate and no problem , the game is in fact very fluid. One of the problems we encountered during gaming is the excessive overheating of the device and consequent battery drain; on the contrary, with an average use, the device tends to heat in the average.

The audio compartment is very good, the speaker (placed on the back) is powerful and even if leaning on a floor the audio is not “choked”, on the contrary thanks to the curvature is even amplified. The basses are of good quality as well as the highs. There is also a good equalizer, thanks to which you can choose between 6 different equalization modes, and the ability to change the pitch and speed of playback (even without connecting the earphones).


The rear camera of LG G4 behaves very well practically in all situations: both in daily, both backlit, and at night. The photos are very detailed and even zooming you can see many details. At night the photos appear very bright and with little noise, all thanks to the focal aperture of 1.8 . The camera software is really very complete , there are in fact three ways to take pictures. The camera really makes it very well even in the tip and snaps, in fact thanks to the sensor present near the camera the device is able to focus and take a picture in no time.

If the videos in UHD are very fluid and well defined (as can be seen in the video test), the same can not be said for slow motion videos, in fact they are less fluid than , for example, to iPhone 6 : this is because 120fps in slow motion videos are not enough to ensure smooth slow motion video, especially at minimum speed (x1 / 8). It is hoped that this functionality will be improved by the next top of the range of LG. Moreover, the possibility of creating a video in time-lapse is absent : this too is a rather significant lack that could have increased the potential of the G4 camera.

Even the front camera 8 Mpx behaves very well and even if at night there is a bit ‘too much noise, in the day is able to take really beautiful pictures. Convenient to gesture to the selfies : opening and quickly closing the left fist, the front camera will snap a photo 3 seconds after the movement. We leave you at a photo gallery of photos we took with the LG G4!

Software, performance and customization

The software (based on Android 5.1) is full of useful features. In fact, a new screen has been added to the home, ie smart bulletin : here are grouped many useful functions such as Quickremote (which allows you to use the phone as a remote control), the calendar in which all the commitments, the music widget and others will be recorded cards can be added via SmartWorld, the LG store for themes and widgets.

The LG stock weather is enriched with a new feature: based on the forecast weather in the coming hours, we will be given advice on what is best done (see the screenshots for more information). Unfortunately, the weather that LG relies on is not very precise and penalizes a function that would have been very useful. Also worthy of note are the smart settings , which allow, for example, to turn on the wifi at home and turn it off when we move away, to silence the notifications when we are at home or vice versa, all via GPS.  Despite these heavy customizations of LG, the device is always fluidand free from reloading the home. There is the possibility to unlock the screen by knock code or by double tap on the display, very comfortable features present for years on LG devices.


LG G4 is certainly one of the most interesting range of the moment thanks to a great camera that can shoot very well in any situation, the presence of expandable memory , removable battery , a good autonomy and good software . The only fault is the excessive consumption of battery during gaming. It is therefore a recommended device and that you can find on ebay at very competitive prices.