Little Nightmares: The Residence Review

It’s been several months since, last summer, Tarsier Studios turned on the fuse of Secrets of The Maw , DLC of Little Nightmaressplit into three parts that focuses on a story parallel to that experienced by little Six. The (dis) adventure of the Fugitive, one of the boys imprisoned within the walls of the Fauci, has unraveled along two episodes not too inspired in terms of game solutions and deepening of the game universe, except suspend, at the end of the last “episode” , with a promising promising advance. The last seconds of Il Nascondiglio showed the return on stage of one of the most mysterious and controversial figures of the imagination of Little Nightmares : that of the Lady, the owner of the gloomy resort where the story of these characters is entirely set. With La Residenza, third and final part of the expansion, the Fugitive epic finally finds its closure. And even if, given the precedents, the expectations were not so high, it undoubtedly went better than we thought.

Defeated the gruesome Granny in the flooded dungeons of Le Profondità , escaped from the lethal grasp of the Custos during the course of Il Nascondiglio , the Fugitive finally crosses the private chambers of the left Signora. A must for those who hope to sneak away from the Fauci, as should anyone who has followed to the end of Six’s escape at the time of the Little Nightmaresoriginal. Obviously, it’s easier said than done. Sneaking up behind the woman, the young man finds himself at the base of a three-storey hall whose side doors seem impossible to open, and where the darkness overpowers the few sources of light all around. Which is not at all reassuring, considering the already known talent of the Lady to camouflage in the shadows and then assault the unfortunates with the psychokinesis. After two chapters little characterized from the point of view of the staging, La Residenzahas the great merit of bringing in a dowry a setting with far more distinctive features.

The Lady’s den is a disturbing place, made even more anxiety-provoking by a camera that often moves away from the protagonist to underline its minuteness compared to the vastness of the entrance hall. The atmosphere of the DLC is finally effective, made even more heavy by a silence that is superimposed in the background the dirge hummed by the fearsome villain, intent to wear makeup in a dressing room just next door. Even the secondary rooms, which host almost all the enigmas, benefit from a well defined and interesting scenographic footprint. The Fugitive will find himself crossing a library full of tomes scattered everywhere, a gloomy corridor full of whitish statues and family portraits,Little Nightmares focused on Six. Just as the storytelling of this chapter is also kept hermetic, which, unlike the two previous ones, adds ” lore ” pieces, so small, but all in all significant. The minutes that anticipate the end credits, above all, have the merit of surprising exactly what one would expect from an add-on thought for a work of this mold, not skimping even in some clue about the possible and obviously probable future of a narrative universe that would still have a lot to tell.

In short, the residence has a march more than, although some of the defects of the parties that preceded it are being considered. We refer, without too many surprises, to the environmental puzzles that dot the progression, once again unable to leave their mark. To tell the truth some solutions vaguely more appealing than usual there is: one above all concerns the short sections ” à la Luigi’s Mansion”where it is necessary to repel the assaults of certain dark enemies with the help of the torch, which enhances an instrument the torch, in fact to which until now had not been given much use in terms of gameplay. do not require big reasoning to be resolved, with the result that everything runs fast until an epilogue that comes after about an hour of play, except for any impasse by the player.A problem, that of the lack of longevity, which accompanied the ‘whole triptych of Secrets of the Maw and that, even in the final calculation, fails to fully satisfy.

Of the three parts of Secrets of The Maw , La Residenza is without a doubt the most interesting and successful. The episode suffers from a duration to say the least concentrated, but has the advantage of staging what must in order to keep those who play at attention and with a little ‘anxiety on from start to finish, also thanks to the return of an adversary, La Signora, one of the most charismatic of this dark universe. On balance, it is precisely this last chapter to raise albeit slightly the value of a DLC that up to here had never shone, and that indeed deserved greater care throughout its development. So it was not, why Secrets of The Maw , in its roughly five hours of deepening the world of Little Nightmares , finally proves a product that will give fans of the title Tarsier Studios a rather limited satisfaction, net of some discreet ideas.