Microsoft: Windows 10 Home & Pro will soon receive new S fashion

Microsoft has detailed the plans to give up Windows 10 S in favor of a special “S Mode” for existing Windows 10 versions in a recent post on the official Windows blog. Among other things, it is clear that customers will be able to buy new PCs in just a few months, on which Windows 10 Home or Pro with activated S mode is preinstalled.

After the recent statements on Twitter , Microsoft manager Joe Belfiore has today in a recent post on the official Windows blog again in detail on the plans of the software giant, Windows 10 S in favor of a special “S mode” for all other existing Windows 10 issues to remove from the program. In the article Belfiore admits, among other things, that Windows 10 S in the form presented in May 2017, caused confusion for both end users and hardware partners Microsoft. The company wants to counteract this confusion with a change of strategy in the near future.

Windows 10 S was launched last year as an additional Windows 10 variant to Home, Pro, Enterprise and Co. on the market. The 10 S version largely corresponds to Windows 10 Pro, but can be downloaded only programs from the Microsoft Store and install. Not least because of the meaningless designation, however, this fact is obvious to very few users, which in turn discouraged PC manufacturers from even delivering a new computer with 10 S at all.

According to Belfiore, Microsoft wants to dissolve this unsatisfactory state of affairs for all involved sites very soon with a brand new move: not just next year, as a manager’s tweet had recently suggested, but already with the release of the next big Windows 10 expected for April 2018 Updates will give customers the opportunity to choose a new PC running Windows 10 Home or Pro, which has S mode enabled. In terms of how it works, however, Windows 10 in S mode will not differ from Windows 10 S. The sole reason for the existence of this special OS version or mode of operation is that Microsoft wants to persuade at least part of the user community to obtain applications exclusively from the Microsoft Store.

At this point in time, it’s hard to say why Microsoft is less concerned with confusing customers and hardware partners with curbing Windows 10 S in its current form, but putting its controversial features into an operating mode for Windows 10 Pro and Home. This measure should only really fruitful if the software giant customers already explained exactly at the first start of a new PC, which advantages and disadvantages it brings with it to activate the S mode for Windows 10. In addition, it would probably be of great advantage for the acceptance of the S mode, if the user himself could switch between this and the “classic” operating mode of the operating system at any time and without lengthy process.

What is already clear thanks to Belfiore’s statements, however, is that Microsoft will not put any financial hurdles in the switch between the new S mode and the classic mode of operation. According to the Microsoft Manager, it will be possible for users regardless of the installed Windows 10 version to switch from S mode to classic mode for free. Thus, in any case, the company avoids the discussion among customers that there is only a surcharge the “full” Windows experience. It still remains to be seen how PC manufacturers will react to the new strategy, and whether in the future more companies will dare to deliver Windows 10 Home or Pro with factory-activated S Mode.